Things I Love vol. 4

I don’t have much this week since I have to work on Project Nan. But I still got some.

I got some books from Amazon this week. Those are about famous authors’ and artists’ cats. I know you would wonder why I’m not buying Kindle’s version. Unfortunately, here in Japan ebook market is so behind from other country. I hear there are some issues with authors and publisher…
Well, these books are not magazine type. There’re photos and interview articles and some stories of cats by authors themselves. I’m just starting to read them, but so far I love them!


Hyakken Uchida’s essay ‘Oh my dear Nora’ is one of the books I wanted to read for long time and ’Story of Absinth’ by Tomomi Matsumura is the story of his cat Absinth; lived for 21 years with him. That one is in my iPhone.


I have so many mobile gadgets. So I needed something I can charge and well organized goods. Well, I DIY this time using shoe box. Personally I don’t need Android based gadgets (I am Apple lover) but my job is related smart phones, I have to use them some time…


Last thing is the one I found on serious eats. Actually this article is from last week. I am very interested in this chicken rice sandwiches. If anyone there who already tried, I wanna hear how it was!

Coming Soon to KFC Japan: Ketchup-Flavored Rice Patty Sandwiched Between Chicken Fillets-For-Buns


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