Things I Love vol. 3

Got this Riedel’s ‘O’ glass finally. I am so into white wine these days. This glass works both wine and beer.



When I got sick, my American mom (I was an exchange student) used to make chicken noodle soup for me. I still miss that in winter season and especially when I got sick. Her recipe is not like this at all, but I found this web site and reminded me my teenage life. Please visit CHOW to find out what their recipe is.

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

I have bumped into really nice scene this week. It was very late at night from work but I had to stop by some place in Shinjuku, and on the way home to Shinjuku station, several street musicians were playing and singing. One guy with a guitar playing Miyuki Nakajima’s song called ‘Ito’. My favorite one. Although I was very exhausted that night, just one song made me fell like I could still move on.
I’ve got to know this song by Bank Band version for the first time couple of years ago. If you like, check out youtube!
(Hope I can translate this song in English someday..)


And for the last this week, I really want to share a nice movie. ‘A Little Bit of Heaven’ is a story of a girl who is dying of cancer. I had kept tuned on WOWOW yesterday and it was on accidentally. This movie is not neither just sad sad story or romantic funny story. But I can definitely can say this is a happy story. I wondered if I have that many real friends like her.


Well, tomorrow is holiday in Japan. Enjoy your long weekend!


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