Things I Love vol. 2

This warm steamed eye mask is so great! I use it every night. It’s so easy to fall asleep.

花王 めぐりズム 上記でホットアイマスク

Now I can keep mobile phone online almost all the way to work in Tokyo Metro (Subway)! Of course you can get service at the subway station, but if you are in the train between the station we were losing services…. I always check latest news in the morning with my iPhone in the train, but when I got in Tokyo Metro (subway line in Tokyo) I would lose the service, so every time the train got to the next station I have to get update the article I had been reading. Finally I get the service most of the area that I go through; Ginza-liine and Marunouchi-line. I’m so happy about it!


Next thing is this beer! It is named ‘Cats of Wednesday ‘. It tastes like Hoegaarden from Belgium which is my favorite beer. Why do I like this beer? Of course this package design is cat and the taste so good!


Next thing is this flash light from Muji. Since the big earth quake in 2011, I bought some new stuff that work with buttery for emergency use. This flash light is LED and you can use as normal bedside light. I keep it at my beside table. It has 4 different types of light. Check out Muji Online Store.


What I found on web, is this chair. I imagine sitting on it. 🙂 How is it like if cats sit on it?
Please check out freshome.


  1. てつきち



    • 「水曜日のネコ」は、東京でも限られたお店でしか売られていないですー。
      イスは、お送りできませぬー (笑


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