Things I Love vol.1

I bought hand cream at Body Shop the other day. That flavor called ‘GINGER SPARKLE’ was so good, so I visit them again and got body butter this time. This one is only for this winter’s limited flavor, if I’m lucky, I will be able to get next winter.


Second thing I love is train decoration. From last week, whole green color Yamanote-line is running to celebrate its 50 year anniversary. Its actually back to classic. When I was little, this train was like this.


And I also found Chieba-kun, on Sobu-line train. Chieba-kun is the icon of Chiba-prefecture. I just love Chieba-kun.


And I found this beautiful art from This is amazing.

Incredible Street Art Cats by Christian Guemy – by hauspanther,


  1. 犬子

    I love Body Shop too! I think I can live there:-)
    I tried several things from Body Shop. Because of my sensitive skin, I got red skin
    several times. But I still like Body Shop!
    I have never heard “Chieba-kun.” Is he a kangaroo-mix?? He is lovely.
    If I would get 20 more students for the next school year, I really want to get something from “hauspanther”!

  2. てつきち

    日本語での書き込みですみませぬ。わたしもbody shop好きですわ―。ずいぶん前に買ったマンダリンオレンジの香りのリップバームを大事に大事に使っております。。。のびがいいの!

    • 私は肌トラブルが少ないので、熟考せずにすぐ買ってしまうのですが、香りが気に入らず、失敗すること多しです。。。



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