I bought hand cream at Body Shop the other day. That flavor called ‘GINGER SPARKLE’ was so good, so I visit them again and got body butter this time. This one is only for this winter’s limited flavor, if I’m lucky, I will be able to get next winter.


Second thing I love is train decoration. From last week, whole green color Yamanote-line is running to celebrate its 50 year anniversary. Its actually back to classic. When I was little, this train was like this.


And I also found Chieba-kun, on Sobu-line train. Chieba-kun is the icon of Chiba-prefecture. I just love Chieba-kun.


And I found this beautiful art from hauspanther.com. This is amazing.

Incredible Street Art Cats by Christian Guemy – by hauspanther, hauspanther.com