Conversation with cats


Tetsu passed away this June at the age of 16. Waking me up every morning was his job, thanks to him, I never had problem with oversleeping. Set alarm clock at night, and when it gets on next morning, he came to me and say ‘YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND FEED ME!!‘ in cat language. Sometimes he punched, kicked, scratched and even bite my face.
But now….no one does that anymore. Today, I overslept and late for work…
Another habit between Tetsu and I had was when he had done with the toilet, he always came to me and ask me to clean it up. Gen (male, black one) does before he uses toilet. It sounds like ‘I am going to pee, you better watch!’.
There’s more…Tetsu always come to the door, and say ‘hi’ when I came home. Well, now that part was taken over to Gen.

I guess people who have lived with someone who cannot use/speak same language you speak, you experience the same way. I cannot explain, but it is definitely a conversation between two of us. I really miss him…

Guys, there are four of you. Can you help me waking up?  Are you even listening to me?


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